The National Maritime Foundation signs MoU with the Rashtriya Raksha University to promote the goals and objectives of national and internal maritime security through joint research projects, training and various academic & extension activities.

Rashtriya Raksha University (hereinafter RRU), is a statutory University established by the Government of India under the Rashtriya Raksha University Act, 2020. The University is accorded the status of an Institute of National importance under the Ministry of Home Affairs. RRU aims to provide comprehensive education, research, training and extension in all aspects of National Security and Police to in-service and retired personnel from military and para-military forces, security and intelligence agencies, police establishments and civilian student community. RRU has a vision to emerge as a Premier Centre of Knowledge, University of National Importance, for International and National Stakeholders seeking Peaceful, Prosperous and Stable World Order.

Both the NMF and the RRU look at imparting knowledge in their respective areas of research and interest, which have a great degree of overlap. One of the key pillars of strength of a nation are its Youth and RRU is doing a yeoman service by nurturing and exposing them to the various facets of national security, legal processes and strategic education. Likewise, the NMF, in addition to its outreach programs, undertakes a robust internship program, which has gone a long way in propagating the maritime consciousness and strategic thought in India.

In the face of the growing legal maritime challenges that India faces we at the NMF feel that there is a need to focus on such issues and provide policy inputs to the concerned ministries and offices. Maritime law is one such area, where we share common interests and there is a lot of scope for collaboration.

The term “The Indo-Pacific” has gained ascendancy in the larger global public domain. The honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi defined the geographic spectrum of the area from the east coast of Africa to the western shores of the Americas. This is how India sees the Indo-Pacific and therefore there is need to understand the nuances of how India is pushing forward in this area. Though much has been said about SAGAR, neighbourhood first and Act East Policy, there is a need to understand and propagate the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative (IPOI), espoused by our Prime Minister in 2019. The IPOI covers seven areas: maritime security; ecology; resources; capacity building and resource sharing; disaster risk reduction and management; science, technology and academic cooperation; and trade, connectivity and transportation. All these areas need to be worked upon and policy inputs provided for this initiative to be a success. The NMF and RRU could work out a plan to thresh out areas of mutual interest and not only provide policy input but also increase the awareness of the IPOI at the national and international levels.

There is a lot of promise from this joining of hands and we expect RRU and the NMF, to undertake a series of joint studies and also support one another in the shaping of public opinion and public-policy through the planning and execution of a variety of events and activities.


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