Terms & Conditions

Membership of the Foundation is open to all individuals or organizations with an interest in the maritime and security fields. Only Indian citizens are eligible for membership.   The admission of members is entrusted to the Committee who shall have an absolute discretion as to admission of members and as to the manner in which selection is carried out.  The number of members and fees and subscriptions payable in each class will be such as may be determined by the Council from time to time.  The Classes of members and their respective qualifying stipulations are as under-

Associate Members


All serving and retired personnel belonging to the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, and the Indian mercantile marine service desirous of becoming members may be granted Associate Membership by the Committee on payment of annual membership fees, which are to be fixed by the Foundation from time to time. In addition, Army and Air Force officers, officers from police and para-military forces, academics, diplomats, bureaucrats, members of the shipping industry and any other person with maritime background or interest in maritime security and desirous of becoming a member may be granted Associate Membership.

The Membership will lapse if the Annual fees are not paid at the commencement of the following year.  Associate Membership shall be granted initially only for a period of one year and subsequently may be renewed, on request, for a period of three to five years, at the sole discretion of the Committee

Associate Membership may also be granted to NRIs and foreign nationals on case to case basis. If you are a foreign national or NRI interested in becoming a member of the NMF, please email us on to get necessary clearances. Associate Members do not have voting rights.

NMF will be providing the following privileges to all Associate members:

  • One copy of NMF’s flagship professional-journal, ‘Maritime Affairs’, published by M/S Taylor & Francis on a six-monthly basis.  
  • Access to carefully curated e-copy of Maritime & Naval News from across the world on a fortnightly basis.
  • Use of NMF Library and can draw reference books on ty-loan.
  • Discount on NMF Publications.
  • Invites for major NMF activities



All resident Indian citizens, who have been Associate Members of the Foundation continuously for three years, have shown proven aptitude for scholarship in the field of maritime security and have contributed to the objectives of the NMF, could be granted membership of the NMF, at the sole discretion of the Committee on payment of an Annual fee which will be approved by the Council. In addition all members of the EC may be offered membership. The membership will be restricted to resident Indian nationals only. The strength of members will be restricted to 100.


  • have voting rights
  • will receive NMF journal and
  • intimation about major NMF functions by Fastest Available Means (FAM).

Life Members


All resident Indian nationals, who have been members for ten years may be granted Life Membership at the discretion of the Committee on payment of a one time fee as decided by the Foundation from time to time. In addition, all members of the Council will be offered Life Membership of the Foundation. Life Members will forfeit such status, if they renounce Indian citizenship. All persons who took an active interest or part in the establishment of the Foundation and were enrolled as Founding Members at the initial constitution of the Society as mentioned in the Memorandum of Association (MoA) of the Foundation will be treated as Life Members for all practical purposes.


Life Members will have voting rights and will receive NMF journals and intimation about all activities of the Foundation.

Institutional Members


Indian corporate houses or institutions, including defence units, having an interest in maritime affairs or security studies could become Institutional Members of the Foundation at the discretion of the Committee on payment of appropriate fee for a specified period. They will not have voting right.


  • NMF publications and
  • intimation about NMF activities
  • use NMF library and
  • nominate up to two members for NMF activities

Termination/Cancellation of Membership

The rules of the foundation would be provided to each person once they become a member. The membership of any person who commits a breach of any of the rules of the foundation or who refuses or neglects to abide by any such rules or who commits any act which in the opinion of the Council is considered to bring discredit to the Foundation may be terminated by the Council at its discretion after the provision of due notice to the member concerned.

Return/Refund Policy

The Membership of the National Maritime Foundation cannot be returned once subscribed to by an individual or an institution. There will be no refund of money provided once the membership has been subscribed to. If in any case, the benefits that accrue from the membership are not reaching the individual/institution concerned, they could mail us their grievances on for redressal.

Subscription details

Subscription for all types of memberships shall be as laid down by the Council from time to time and shall be payable on 01 Apr every year. Any increase of subscription rates shall be operative from a date as decided by the council.

Currently, online payment is available for Associate Membership only. If you want to become a Member or an Institutional Member, only offline method is available. Please download the form below.

Existing annual fee for various category of members are as follows-

Associate Member = Rs.750 for 1 year /

Rs. 2250 for 3 years (Online payment available)

Member = Rs.1200/-
Life Member = Rs.10,000/-
Institutional Member = Rs.5,000/-