Dr Manoj Babu Buraga

Dr Manoj Babu Buraga

Associate Fellow

Areas of Research

  • EU-India Maritime Security
  • EU-India in Indo-Pacific
  • EU Member States (France, Germany and the Netherlands) and Indo-Pacific
  • India-France in Indo-Pacific
  • Minilateralism and Strategic Partnerships


  • Associate Fellow, National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi (October 2021- present)
  • Recipient of The G20 Research Fellowship CFA (a project under CACIM), Aug-Sep 2021
  • Adjunct Faculty, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, March-July 2021
  • Research Fellow, the SPARC programme sponsored by the Ministry of Education, 2019
  • Recipient of ICSSR, International Financial Assistance, 2018
  • DELF A1, Alliance Française de Pondichéry, 2016


  • Ph.D. in European Studies, Thesis: “Indo – French Relations in the Context of India-EU Relations”, Centre for European Studies, School of Social Sciences and International Studies, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.
  • Master’s in Politics and International Relations, School of Social Sciences and International Studies, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.
  • Bachelor’s in History, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada.


  1. “European Union in International Politics: Perception to Action”, EUSAAP Conference, held at Melbourne (Virtual), June 2021.
  2. “Gender Politics and Political Representation in India-Europe”, an International Conference Perspectives on Politics, Media and Environment, a collaborative initiative of Pondicherry University, Heinrich-Heine University, Dusseldorf, Ruhr University Bochum, and Justus-Leibig University, Giessen, Germany, 4-5, March 2020.
  3. “India and the European Union in a Multipolar World: New Nation Building and Balance of Power”, Organised by Dept. of Political Science, St Ann’s College for Women, at Hyderabad, 21-22, August 2019.
  4. “A conceptual brief on establishing quality education in India”, Organized by the Dept. of Politics & International Studies, Pondicherry University, 18-19, December 2018.
  5. “Brexit and the EU Cohesion Policy”, Hosted by a Joint EU Centres in RMIT University, at Melbourne, 15-18, October 2017.
  6. “India-EU Enhancing Strategic Partnerships”, hosted by Symbiosis International University, at Pune, 2-4, December 2017. Participated.
  7. “India’s Role in Integrating SAARC Region”, an International Conference on Water Sharing in SAARC Region: Legal Issues and Challenges organized by M.K Nambyar SAARC Law Centre in NALSAR University of Law at Hyderabad, 25-26, March 2017.
  8. “India China and the EU in a Multipolar World Order: Perspectives from IR”, Organized by International Management Institute Kolkata in Collaboration with Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, China at Kolkata 24-25, November 2016.
  9. “Indo-French Relationship: Implications for India’s Climate”, organized by Dept. of Geography Osmania University, at Hyderabad, 27-29, September 2016.
  10. “Western Multiculturalism: A Case Study on Muslim Immigrants”, organized by Pondicherry University and Madras University, at Pondicherry, 22-23, February 2016.
  11. “The EU and Kashmir: Human Rights Perspective”, is a National Seminar on Anti-Terrorism Law and Human Security organized by Kerala Law Academy, at Trivandrum, 03, October 2016.
  12. “Human Rights from Indian Perspective: Reference to Freedom of Expression”, organized KL University & International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation, at Vijayawada, 21-22, August 2015.


All Publications

  • Dokku, Manoj Babu, Kiran, [Forthcoming]. “G20 and Critical Maritime Infrastructure: A Framework Towards Dialogue on Safety and Governance”, CACIM.
  • Manoj Babu Buraga, “India in the Neighbourhood: Perspective, Perception and Potential”, FPRC Journal, 2018 (2), 82-91, ISSN 2277-2464.
  • Manoj Babu Buraga, and Kollabathini, “EU-India Partnership: Reconsider, Reinforce and Redouble”, FPRC Journal, 2017 (2), 82-91, ISSN 2277-2464.
  • Manoj Babu Buraga, “India’s Role in Emerging Indo-Pacific”, World Focus Magazine, Peer Reviewed-Referred Journal, March 2017, 81, ISSN 2230-8458.
  • Manoj Babu Buraga, “India China and the EU in a Multipolar World: A Perception” European Academic Research, 4, Issue 6 September 2016, ISSN 2286-4822, Impact Factor, 3.4546 (UIF).
  • Manoj Babu Buraga, “Enactment of RTI in Higher Educational Institutions”, South Asian Journal of Socio-Political Studies, A Peer Reviewed/International Referred Journal, 2015.
  • Manoj Babu Buraga, “Human Rights from Indian Perspective”, AEIJMR International Journal, 2015 (2), ISSN 2348-6724.