1. Maritime Connectivity
  2. Comparative Analysis of India’s Merchant Marine
  3. Analysis of India’s Dependence upon Seaborne Merchandise Trade
  4. Coastal Shipping
  5. Inland Waterways
  6. Maritime Leisure/Sport, and Maritime Tourism
  7. Cruise-Ship Tourism
  8. Advocacy of the need for national-flag shipping
  9. Analysis of Flags of Convenience
  10. Analysis of the Northern Sea Route
  11. Analyses of Indian Shipbuilding
  12. Impact of Industry 4.0 upon Shipping (Shipping 4.0)
  13. India as a Regional Hub for Ship-repairs
  14. Shipbreaking in India
  15. Port Analysis
  16. Analysis of Transhipment Ports
  17. Analysis of Critical Cargoes
  18. Development and Refinement of an Efficiency Matrix for Portdevelopment within India
  19. Impact of Industry 4.0 upon Ports (Ports 4.0)
  20. Analysis of Port-development (by Indian public/private/joint-ventures)
    as a foreign-policy tool for regional development
  21. Analysis of Ro-Ro Shipping as a bridging strategy for the
    development of quayside infrastructure
  22. Analysis of the relationship between SAGAR and SAGARMALA