Media Executive

We are hiring!


We are seeking a keen, vibrant, energetic, thorough and organised person to join our team as a ‘MEDIA EXECUTIVE’.

Indicative Role

If selected, you will play a key role in the advocacy of research undertaken by the NMF on social media platforms. Towards this end, here are the principal things that we would expect of you:

• Create marketing strategies, digital campaigns to meet the organisational objectives.

• Manage the Foundation’s Website.

• Record, update and disseminate the activities of the NMF through the planning, creation, administration, publishing, dissemination, and monitoring of relevant, original, high-quality content on social media platforms.

• Monitor and respond to queries on social media platforms, in conjunction with oral and/or written policies, rules, regulations and procedures of the NMF.

• Identify and suggest organisational development aspects that would improve content for social media engagements.

• Proactively support the detailed-planning and conduct of the several dialogues, lectures, presentations, round-table conferences/discussions, workshops, seminars, symposia and media-forums, through which the NMF conducts its advocacy.

• Enhance the effectiveness of the NMF’s ongoing outreach-programme by fluent, effective and timely verbal, electronic and written communication in the English language.

• Be willing and able to work as a confident, mature and reliable member of ‘Team NMF’; multi-task under pressure of time without losing your cheerfulness, equanimity and overall ‘cool’, or your effectiveness and efficiency; and add to the buoyancy, effervescence and happiness-quotient of the Foundation.


Please apply only if you have a genuinely excellent command over the written as well as spoken forms of the English language.

You need to be graduate, or a post-graduate, or hold a post-graduate diploma, from a recognised university in India or abroad (Political Science, International Relations, History, Economics, and Global Politics are our preferred disciplines, but do not exclude other disciplines in the physical or social sciences including services-oriented managerial disciplines).

You must be comfortable working with the MS Office suite (at least Word, Excel and PowerPoint), and, in addition, be willing to learn other computer programmes/suites.

Work Experience

Although we will prefer someone with at least a year or two of experience of working in a think-tank or in an event-management firm, we are perfectly willing to waive this requirement for you, if you can demonstrate that you do, indeed, have the qualities that we seek.

In order to apply:

Please send us your Curriculum Vitae addressed to, with copies
(cc) to:

(a) Your CV, including the following details:

(i) Your name in full (Please use lower-case letters for your First/Middle/Given name(s) and upper-case [capital] letters to indicate your Surname)

(ii) Your father’s or your mother’s name.

(iii) Your current address.

(iii) Your work experience (start with your most recent details/ particulars and move chronologically backwards)

(iv) Your extra-curricular record (start with your most recent details/ particulars and move chronologically backwards)

(v) Anything else that you would like us to know about you.

(b) A recent ‘high-resolution’ (the image must be at least 600 pixels x 600 pixels at 300 dpi) passport-sized (width: 3.5 cm, Height: 4.5 cm) colour-photograph.

Please be advised that the final offer/selection is subject to your clearing a formal test your skills in written and spoken English, and your ability to post creative content on online platforms which will be undertaken by and at the NMF.