1. Role and Functioning of the IMO
  2. ‘Regional Seas Programme’ (RSP) and ‘Shared Seas’ Concept
  3. SOLAS Convention
  4. VIMSAS (Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme)
  5. ‘Triple-i’ (Implementation of IMO Instruments) Code
  6. Assessing the efficacy of ‘Flag-State’, ‘Port State’, and ‘Coastal State’
  7. Regional Structures for Safety at Sea within the Indo-Pacific
  8. Assessing and Countering Risks of Marine oil-Pollution
  9. Risk Assessment of Oil-Spills in the Gulf of Kachchh
  10. Regional Maritime Humanitarian-Assistance and Disaster Relief
  11. The Role of IONS
  12. Maritime Leisure / Tourism Safety
  13. Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR)
  14. Maritime Salvage