Commandant RK Shrivastava

Commandant RK Shrivastava

Research Fellow

Areas of Research

  1. EEZ Surveillance intruding to creeks and adjoining National Waterways
  2. Maritime Border Management and Trans-border Crimes
  3. Port Security, Coastal & Offshore Security and Islands Security
  4. Maritime Law & Order, Crimes in Territorial Waters and SLOC Monitoring
  5. Fishing & Fishermen Safety Issues
  6. Preservation & Protection of Marine Flora & Fauna
  7. Marine Animal Stranding and Security of Protected Areas on Coastline
  8. Oil Spills and Pollution Response


  1. Commandant Ravindra Kumar Shrivastava joined the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) on 08 Jan 1994. He has commissioned Indian Coast Guard Station Mundra in Gujarat and ‘73 ACV Squadron’ at Navi Mumbai as Commanding Officer.  He has also commanded two ACVs H-184 and H-194. He is an Air Cushion Vehicle (ACV or Hovercraft) Pilot, an environmentalist and specialist in oil spill pollution response.
  1. The officer has successfully executed numerous SAR, Pollution Response, Anti-Smuggling and Anti-Poaching Operations in active coordination with Police, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Customs & Forest officials. He has been actively involved in planning & execution of Joint Services Security Exercises and National Level Pollution Response Exercises. He has overseen Oil Spill Contingency Planning of multiple Oil Handling Agencies (OHAs)/ Ports in Gujarat and conducted number of Table Top Exercises and Joint Drills at Sea.
  1. He has organised several Community Interaction Programs (CIPs) for Fishermen/Coastal Populace significantly addressing issues of safety & security at sea. He has handled and managed various cases pertaining to abandoned derelict vessels in the Territorial Waters of India.
  1. The Officer has been a member of: –
  • Overview Committee of Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Gulf of Kutch (GoK)
  • Disasters Management Committee of Navi Mumbai
  • Port Security Advisory Committee at Deendayal Port Trust Kandla and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust Navi Mumbai.
  1. He has been closely associated with Coastal Surveillance Network (CSN) sensors installations for phase-II. He has also organized regular meetings on behalf of ICG mandated under Ship Breaking Code 2013 with stake holders of Ship Recycling Yards at Alang.
  1. He has suggested ideas in implementing joint actions with the Gujarat State Forest Department which have aided in addressal of poaching at Nal-Sarovar (Grassland) and at Marine National Park of Gulf of Kutch.
  1. He was instrumental in suggesting safety measures to Govt. of Gujarat resulting in issuance of Ordinance No. 4 of 2020 for amendment to Gujarat Fisheries Act 2003.


  1. BSc.(PCM)
  2. MA(Sociology)
  3. MBA (Environmental Management)
  4. Undergone IMO Level-II Course on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC)
  5. Undergone Interviewing Officer Course from Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR)


  1. Conducted classroom training of IMO OPRC Model Courses for Ports/ Oil Handling Agencies regularly.
  2. Conducted classes on Pollution Response for foreign officers at National Institute of Hydrography, Goa.
  3. On conduct of Coastal Security Exercises / Operations at Multi-Agency forums.