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The National Maritime Foundation (NMF) strives to to be the foremost resource centre for the development and advocacy of strategies for the promotion and protection of India’s maritime interests. In doing so it seeks to provide constructive inputs for policy-formulation and promoting awareness and generating public debate on the importance of the maritime dimension of India. In this endeavour, the NMF, welcomes experts, scholars and students to forward their views/ writings on issues relevant to the maritime domain, particularly those that are germane to policy-formulation, but also those that seek to provide lay-readers with baseline-information and analyses concerning the maritime domain.

The NMF has two broad genres of publishing research-content. The first is the content that is uploaded on its website (www.maritimeindia.org). The second is the content that is published in its journals; the Foundation’s flagship journal, “Maritime Affairs” published by Taylor and Francis, and, a collection of the year’s online content, titled “Maritime Perspectives”.

A modest honorarium will be paid by the NMF to the contributors.

To see the prescribed ‘Style Manual’ of the NMF for your contributions please click on the link below


Prescribed Formats for Web Publications


They are usually between 800-1000 words on topical events or developments, and begin by introducing the event or development, followed by expert views. No referencing is required, but hyperlinks may be used.

Issue Brief

They are usually between 2000-2500 words, containing the analytical assessment of a subject of contemporary policy relevance. Referencing should be incorporated as per the NMF Style Manual.

The articles may be forwarded to maritimeindia@gmail.com cc to execdir.nmf@gmail.com