Blue Economy and Climate Change

We are hiring!

Position: We are looking for a ‘RESEARCH SCHOLAR’ in the field of “Blue Economy and Climate Change,” who would work full-time out of the NMF’s premises in New Delhi.

Primary Job Description:

  • The research scholar selected will be required to undertake serious, long-term research-studies and analyses that would be relevant to Indian policy-making in the maritime domain.
  • The researcher will delve into areas related to the Blue Economy and maritime manifestations of Climate Change including:
    • The regional, national, and sub-national level measures to expand and enhance maritime sectors of the economy in a safe and sustainable manner and facilitate the transition from a ‘Brown Economy’ to a ‘Blue Economy’.
    • India’s Blue Economy Policy Framework and its interlinkages with other national- and regional-level initiatives such as the Maritime India Vision 2030, the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative, etc.
    • Blue Finance: Exploring the growing financial and socio-economic opportunities in the maritime domain.
    • Climate change impacts on the national and regional holistic maritime security and their implications for the Blue Economy.
    • Enhancing resilience of India’s critical maritime infrastructure against the deleterious impacts of climate change.
    • Protection and conservation of India’s coastal and marine biodiversity against climate change and other human-induced environmental changes in the marine environment.
    • Legal and institutional frameworks for the protection and conservation of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ).
  • The research scholar selected will be required to represent the NMF in India and, where appropriate, abroad as well. Accordingly, he or she must be intellectually and emotionally mature and be demonstrably capable of making high-quality presentations to augment and enhance the NMF’s interfaces with appropriate structures of the Government of India, academia, and other think-tanks.


We are seeking a long-term commitment and our hiring-criteria are strict.

Accordingly, please apply only if you meet the following qualifying criteria:

(a)      Are an Indian national (supporting documents would be a self-attested scanned copy of either an “AADHAAR Card” OR an in-date valid “Indian Passport”).

(b)      Have excellent skills in written and spoken English.  (Please note that this is a ‘make-or-break’ criterion, so please be prepared to be intensively tested in this area)

(c)      Are interested-in and enthusiastic-about maritime issues.

(d)      Enjoy serious academic research.

(e)      Have a PhD degree in the physical-sciences, life-sciences, social-sciences, or humanities, from a recognised university in India or abroad


Are a PhD student in the physical-sciences, life-sciences, social-sciences, or humanities, from a recognised university in India or abroad AND have already submitted your PhD thesis but are waiting to defend it.


Have an MPhil degree in the physical-sciences, life-sciences, social-sciences, or humanities, from a recognised university in India or abroad, are not intending to try for a PhD degree AND have meaningful work-experience in a policy/ research/ academic environment.

(f)       Have demonstrable competence in ‘MS Office 2016’ (or later versions, including ‘Office 365’), particularly in ‘Word’, ‘Excel’ and ‘PowerPoint’.

(g)      Are willing to learn other computer programmes/suites.

(h)      Enjoy making presentations, meeting people, working in a team (as also leading one), and undertaking advocacy on maritime issues.

(i)       Are liberal-minded and open to fresh ideas, processes and procedures.

Compensation: Compensation will be by way of an all-told Professional Fee payable on a monthly basis and will be commensurate with prevailing standards in respect of think-tanks in the National Capital Region.  The lower end of the compensation-band is Rs 38,000/- per month, which would be adjusted upwards depending upon qualifications and experience.

Application Process:

Please complete the CV-form provided in the Appendix to this advertisement and send it, along with the documents indicated therein, by an email addressed to with ‘cc’ to,,, and

The subject to this email should read-

“Job Application – Blue Economy and Climate Change [Name of Applicant]”


(1)        The completed CV-Form at Appendix.

(2)        A scanned and self-attested copy of the document (AADHAAR Card or valid Indian Passport) that proves that you are an Indian national.

(3)        Scanned copies of your Graduation, Post-Graduation, MPhil, and PhD Degrees and the marksheets relevant thereto.

(4)        Scanned copies of ‘Experience Certificates’ relevant to each segment of your work-experience (if applicable).

(5)        A sample of your own (original) writing-skills, by way of an unedited and unpublished article of 800 to 1000 words, on any maritime facet listed in the afore-mentioned “Primary Job Description”