Ms Shikha Aggarwal

Ms Shikha Aggarwal

Former Research Associate


I am currently in Taipei on the Taiwan National Fellowship awarded by the MoFA, ROC. In my capacity as a Visiting Fellow, I am associted with the IIR department of the National Chengchi University. Additionally, I am also pursuing a Mandarin Programme at NTNU, and have received the Huayu Enrichment Schorlaship to continue my language studies for next year as well. My research interests include China’s Domestic Politics ( mainly dealing with the internal dynamics of the CCP), Foreign Policy (with special focus on the South Asian Region), and India-China relations. I am also keenly interested in following developments related to Chinese economy.


India’s China Policy: Dynamics of ‘Change’ and ‘Continuity’;
‘Asia Pacific Dream: China’s Push for a New Regional Order