Commodore Somen Banerjee

Commodore Somen Banerjee

Senior Fellow

Areas of Research

  • Maritime Security
  • Foreign Policy


Commodore Somen Banerjee is currently a Senior Fellow at National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi. He has had extensive operational exposure in the Indo-Pacific region including the Command of frontline warships of the Indian Navy. He has served in Staff billets in Naval Headquarters and as Director (Military Affairs) in the Ministry of External Affairs. He has also been a Senior Fellow in Vivekananda International Foundation, New Delhi.

At the Track 1.0 level the officer has represented the country at the Conference on Disarmament, United Nations in Geneva and at ASEAN forums.

He has participated in the Young Leaders Fellowship Program sponsored by Institute of Unification Education, Ministry of Unification, South Korea in 2019.


He is a graduate from JNU, New Delhi; post-graduate from the Madras University and MPhil from Mumbai University. He is currently a PhD Scholar at the Mumbai University.


The Commodore has presented papers in international conferences on,

  • Blue Economy at the Gujarat National Law University – during the Indo-Japan-US Trilateral Maritime Law Dialogue in Gujarat;
  • Maritime Security in Bay of Bengal at the Pathfinder Foundation during the Trincomalee Consultation in Colombo;
  • QUAD Commission on IOR Security sponsored by Sasakawa Foundation, Tokyo;
  • India-Japan Partnership and Opportunities for Cooperation sponsored by Consulate-General Japanese in Chennai and Center for Public Policy Research at Kochi;
  • Maritime Security and Blue Economy – 3rd India-ASEAN Blue Economy Workshop 2019 at Bangkok, Thailand.

He has been a guest speaker at the National Defence College, New Delhi.


  1. Is COVID-19 likely to change the security order of the western Pacific irrevocably?
  2. Growing salience of the Indian Ocean Commission: What has changed for India as an Observer?
  3. The role of oil in the Security Architecture of the Persian Gulf and the Impact of the Current Dual Oil-Shock on Regional Stability
  1. Will the security architecture of the western Pacific change post-COVID 19?
  1. Maritime Power through Blue Economy (2018)
  2. Sea of Collective Destiny: Bay of Bengal and BIMSTEC (2019)
  1. Maritime Transport has the potential to Reinvigorate Indian Economy
  2. Emerging Structure of Maritime Security in the Bay of Bengal