Lt Col (Dr) Mohit Nayal

Lt Col (Dr) Mohit Nayal

Research Fellow

Areas of Research

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • International Law
  • Geo-strategy of China
  • Strategic challenges in SouthAsia & Southeast Asia
  • Maritime Interest in Indo-Pacific Region and
  • Northeast India Policies and issue related to public policy.


Lt Col (Dr) Mohit Nayal is serving under the Ministry of Defence, Indian Army. In 2012, the officer was awarded PhD in Political Science from HNB Garhwal University and his topic of dissertation was ‘Central Asia in Post-Cold War Era: Problems and Prospects in Reference to Islamic Fundamentalism’. He is presently on research assignment with National Maritime Foundation and his topic of research is “Coastal and Port Security of India with Implications on Maritime Trade in the 21st century”.

United Services Institute, Delhi, offered him  ‘Chair of Excellence’ in 2012. The project proposal was “Future of Myanmar: Role for India, China and the International Community”.


  • Ph. D. in Political Science from HNB Garhwal University



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7. “Chinese Overseas Ports: Hambantota Port and Implications for India”, Chennai Centre for China Studies, June 2018.
8. “Indo-Myanmar Borders: State and Non-State Complexities”, Pondicherry University, Aug 2019.


1. “Indian Initiative for Water Sharing and Hydro Power in SAARC Region”, International Conference held at Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad on 25-26 Mar 2017.
2. “Enhancing India’s Military Capability: A Larger Role in the Indian Ocean and Beyond”, International Conference at UGC Centre for Indian Ocean Studies, Hyderabad on 8-9 May 2017.
3. “Education Technology in Higher Education”, National Seminar at Osmania University Centre for International Programmes, Hyderabad on 29-30 Aug 2017.
4. “Indo-Myanmar Borders: State and Non-State Complexities”, International Seminar at UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asia Regional Cooperation & Centre for South Asian Studies, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry on 01-02 Feb 2018.
5. “Security Challenges in Asia Pacific Region”, International Conference at GITAM School of International Business, Visakhapatnam on 10 Feb 2018.
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