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Maritime Affairs (Journal)

Maritime Affairs is the flagship journal of the National Maritime Foundation of India. The Journal solicits well-researched articles on aspects related to the maritime domain. The aim is to engage in a critical dialogue over issues pertaining to India’s maritime security issues, as well as on other focus areas such as China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia, the Indo-Pacific, and non-traditional security.

The Foundation welcomes submissions of articles and commentaries. Articles submitted to Maritime Affairs should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time. Two types of articles are solicited: Full length articles (5000 words) and short commentaries (3000 words).

Articles should be submitted by 28 Feb for the summer edition and 31 Aug for the winter edition every year. A suitable honorarium will be given to the author after the article is published. The articles may be forwarded to editorjournal.nmf@gmail.com  

For further details, please follow the link: Instructions for Authors

Web Publications (Commentaries and Issue-Briefs uploaded on NMF Website)

The NMF welcomes external experts, scholars and students to submit their views/ writings on current maritime, geo-economic, strategic, security and related geopolitical issues in the Indo-Pacific region, with relevance for national policymaking. These writings will be published as Commentaries and Issue Briefs (e-publications) on the NMF website, and later incorporated into the NMF’s annual edited print publication called ‘Maritime Perspectives’. A modest honorarium will be paid by the NMF to the contributors. Please see the prescribed formats for Commentaries and Issue Briefs, and the sample writings below.


Prescribed Formats

They are usually between 800-1000 words on topical events or developments, and begin by introducing the event or development, followed by expert views. No referencing is required of endnotes, but hyperlinks may be used.
Sample Commentary

Issue Brief
They are usually between 2000-2500 words, containing the analytical assessment of a subject of contemporary policy relevance. Referencing should be incorporated as endnotes.
Sample Issue Brief

The articles may be forwarded to maritimeindia@gmail.com cc to execdir.nmf@gmail.com 
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