International Radio-Medical Centre
US National Library of Medicine - I
US Government Stormwatch - I
International marine weather alerts in text format
Maritime Watch
Marine navigation calculators online
UK Meterological Office - II
Ocean Analysis
IMB Piracy reporting centre
ICS Maritime Security and piracy guidance - II
UK P+I Club - II
International Maritime Organisation
Paris MOU port state control
STCW (Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping)
GMDSS one stop shop
National Transportation Library - II
Chemical Distribution Institute
Det Norske Veritas
International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations
Marine Society
Merchant Navy
International Transport Worker's Federation
US Government Stormwatch - I
International Committee on Seafarers Welfare
MARS database
Nautical Campus - I
Applied Research Institute, Delhi
Merchant Navy Training Board
Lloyds List
Maritime Today
Australian Association for Maritime Affairs
Centre for Maritime Law, The University of Queensland, Australia
Centre for Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL), Erasmus University Rotterdam
Centre for Maritime Security and Diplomacy
Centre for Maritime Historical Studies, University of Exeter
Center for Maritime & Ocean Affairs Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines
Dalian Maritime University (DMU)
Center for Maritime Systems & Security
New Maritime Command and Control Centre, Changi
Sea Power Centre, Australia
Society for Indian Ocean Studies
Australian Association for Maritime Affairs, formerly Australian Centre for Maritime Studies
United States Naval Institute
International Maritime Health Association
US National Library of Medicine - II
US Government Stormwatch - II
US Government marine weather site
Download ENCs of US coastline free of charge
US Government Stormwatch - I
UK Meterological Office - I
US Government Stormwatch - I
World VTS Guide
ICS Maritime Security and piracy guidance - I
UK P+I Club - I
Maritime and Admiralty Law
Tokyo MOU port state control
National Transportation Library - I
Oil Companies International Marine Forum
Lloyd´s Register
Seafarers International Research Centre
Merchant Navy Officers
ITF Seafarer's Trust
International Seafarers Assistance Network
Deck officer
Nautical Campus - II
Maritime Training Council, Philippines
Maine harbours
Sailor Today
The Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), University of Wollongong
Centre for Maritime Policy, University of Wollongong
Centre for Maritime Research (MARE)
Centre for Maritime Studies, National University of Singapore
Centre for Maritime Systems and Security
Centre for Naval Analyses
Maritime Institute of Malaysia
Mokpo National Maritime University (MNMU)
Ocean Policy Research Foundation (OPRF)
Shanghai Maritime University
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMST-FMT) Faculty of Marine Technology
Korea Maritime University (KMU)
Vietnam Maritime University (VIMARU)
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