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From the Crow’s Nest

Editor: Arun Prakash

From the Crow's Nest
Arun Prakash

About the Book

Before the advent of radar, the highest vantage point on a ship was the Crow's Nest, from where sailor could get a sweeping view of the sea for miles around. Having risen to the pinnacle of the Indian Navy after a distinguished career spanning 40 years, Admiral Arun Prakash, in this unique tour d' horizon, shares his views and experiences on a wide variety of issues concerning maritime and national security. This eclectic panorama of articles and speeches rendered in India and abroad, by one of the most respected and articulate Chiefs that the Indian Navy has had, provides unique and incisive insights on a wide range of subjects. Gleaned from his considerable repertoire, this selection touches on issues such as Maritime Power, Defence Finance and Planning, Shipbuilding, Defence R&D, Higher Defence Management, Jointmanship, and others. All these subjects are of immense contemporary significance and concern. They offer as much to the inquisitive uninitiated as to Servicemen and hardnosed defence analysts eager for a firsthand version of matters relating to national security. With his vast surface ship and aviation experience, and varied command and staff exposure which include Joint Service appointments, the Admiral is ideally equipped to deal authoritatively with a host of issues and topics. He is refreshingly frank and forthcoming in his views, and pulls no punches. Reflective and provocative in turn, his writings and speeches besides being topical make most stimulating reading.


Security and Foreign Policy Imperatives of an Emerging India
Planning for Tomorrow's Navy - Challenges in Retrospect
Jointness in the Indian Armed Forces -Past, Present and Future
Challenges of Defence Planning Outsourcing of Defence Production -Opportunities and Challenges
What the Armed Forces expect from DRDO?
Role of Armed Forces in Disaster Management
Special Forces in the Indian Context
The Maritime Dimension of National Security
Future of Aerospace Power
A Vision of Maritime India 2020
Maritime Dimensions of A New World Order
Lighting a Lamp for Maritime Issues
India's Quest for Maritime Security
-Flagging the Route Modern Navies -A Force for Good
Future Strategy and Challenges for the Indian Navy
India's Maritime Strategy
India's First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier -A Brave Venture
Network Centric Operations - The Need for Shared Awareness
Transformational Technologies for Navy of the Future
Ski-Jump Operations at Sea - A Great Leap Forward
India's Quest for an Indigenous Aircraft Carrier
Warship Building in India - A Reappraisal
A Vision for the Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Indo-US Relations - A View from Seawards
India-Japan Maritime Relations
For an Indo-Australian Concord
The 1000 Ship Navy -A Global Maritime Network
Does the Empire Need Help?

The President's Fleet Review 2006 On Military Leadership-I
On Military Leadership-II
On Military Leadership-III
Attributes of a Staff Officer
Commissioning of INS Kadamba
Commissioning of INS Beas
Commissioning of the First UAV Squadron
The 28th Suranjan Das Dinner
A Matter of Honour
What Constitutes Success in Life?
Vision of an Empowered India

The USS Enterprise in the Bay of Bengal - The Real Reason