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Freedom of the Seas: A Contemporary Outlook

Editor: Ravi Vohra P K Ghosh Senior Research Fellow, National Maritime Foundation

Freedom of the Seas: A Contemporary Outlook
Ravi Vohra
P K Ghosh
Senior Research Fellow, National Maritime Foundation

About the Book

No nation can become (or has become) a global power without exploiting the benefits of the seas. The special position of the seas has accentuated in today's world because of its primary linkage to trade, security, strategic issues and more importantly "civilizational growth and well being." As a result, the concept of freedom of the seas has become an important issue of debate and this book is an important contribution in understanding the debate. The first chapter authored by Professor Anand highlights 'that the basic premise on the consensus reached at the third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea is clear and beyond doubt, that in future the sea must be used for the benefit of all and not merely for the interest of a few great powers.' The book also deliberates over the concept of "restrictive freedom" suggesting that it is no longer possible to speak of the "freedom of the seas" in traditional terms. Sam Bateman notes that the basic clash of interests with the laws of the sea is still between coastal State control and the freedoms and rights at sea sought by the maritime and user countries. Other contributors of the book like Sir Jeremy Blackham demand at sea, adoption of restrictive methodologies very similar to the existing air traffic control arrangements, involving pre-notification of all voyages and an equivalent to flight planning approval procedures. Explaining India's stakes, former CNS Shri Arun Prakash concludes that 'maybe it is time to convene UNCLOS IV, but with the US and all other "doubting Thomases" firmly on board.'


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