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Contemporary Transnational Challenges

Editor: Ravi Vohra P K Ghosh Devbrat Chakraborty Research Fellow, National Maritime Foundation

Contemporary Transnational Challenges:
International Maritime Connectivities
Ravi Vohra
P K Ghosh
Devbrat Chakraborty
Senior Research Fellow, National Maritime Foundation

About the Book

The book is a collected work of papers presented during the IONS seminar held on 14-15th February 2008 in New Delhi. The first chapter in the book highlights the lack of cohesion in the Indian Ocean Rim. The littorals of the Indian Ocean are fractured by too many differences resulting in no shared thinking on security threats. Therefore, there is barely any visible overarching collective security organisation emerging in the region. The following chapters highlight the benefits of the fruits of globalization its consequent need for modernization of ports and transport infrastructure in the hinterland.
In the second and third part of the book, the chapters deal with chronological events of terrorism entering into the maritime domain and provide an analysis on successful and unsuccessful operations in controlling such organised criminal activity. Maritime cooperation is another significant theme of the book. The issues on various aspects of technological cooperation and Maritime Domain Awareness are elucidated. There is a chapter on maritime capacity enhancement wherein Gulf region is taken as the case study. Finally the book highlights the inadequacies in the existing multilateral for a, like IOR-ARC.


The Geo-Strategic Scenario in the Indian Ocean Region - Amb Kanwal Sibal
Globalisation and its Impact on Maritime Trade - Dr Rajiv Kumar
Maritime-related Terrorism and Crime: A Watch list for the Indian Ocean Region -Mr Michael Richardson
Management of Large Maritime Zones for Resource- Constrained Maritime States - H.E.Lt Gen (Retd) Anbaree Abdul Sattar

Harnessing Technology for Maritime Cooperation - RAdm Jacob L Shuford
Managing International Shipping -Mr Andrew Forbes
The 1982 UN Law of the Sea Convention: The Need for Change - Prof Jon M Van Dyke
Maritime Capacity Enhancement: The Case of the Gulf States and Beyond - Dr Mustafa Alani