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China and the Indian Ocean Region

Editor: Ravi Vohra P K Ghosh Senior Research Fellow, National Maritime Foundation

China and the Indian Ocean Region
Ravi Vohra
P K Ghosh
Senior Research Fellow, National Maritime Foundation

About the Book

The resurgence of China has caused a change in the political landscape of Asia in the post- Cold War period. The Chinese pursuit of eminent power status in Asia has led them to increase their maritime influence in an area extending from the East China Sea, on the one side, to the eastern part of the African continent, on the other. However, a rapid expansion of influence over this wide swathe has created apprehensions among regional countries despite China's ostensible policy of peaceful co-existence adopted towards other Asian states.

The Chinese quest to enhance their maritime influence in the Indian Ocean region (IOR) has emerged in the form of both military engagements and active participation in the economic sphere. It is observed that Chinese policy towards Indian Ocean hinges on two aspects. The first revolves around China's increasing dependence on energy from West Asia - estimated to be half of its total oil imports and mainly transported by the sea route through the sea lanes of communication (SLOCs). The second revolves around Chinese aspirations of evolving as a pre-eminent power in entire Asia. Examining these avenues, the book spreads over four main areas. Initially it explores the theoretical foundations of Chinese growth trajectory and its overall grand strategy. Thereafter it deals with economic aspects including energy security. China's maritime strategy is also examined and finally the book explores India's policy options vis-a-vis China's engagement in the IOR.


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