Andhra Pradesh Chapter of NMF

The Visakhapatnam Chapter started functioning from September 1, 2009. Prof A Prasanna Kumar was the first Regional Director of this Chapter from September 1, 2009 – August 31, 2012. Prof.Dr. Rao Tatavarti was the second Regional Director.  Mrs.G.Padmaja was the third Director of this chapter from August 2015 to February 2019.

Visakhapatnam is called the ‘City of Destiny’. It is located on India’s east coast in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Visakhapatnam entered the golden pages of world navy history when it hosted the International

Fleet Review in February 2016 wherein 50 navies of the world participated. Interestingly, the city and the Indian Navy have always had an enduring relationship. The Eastern Naval Command with its headquarters located in Visakhapatnam is the symbol of that enduring relationship. This is poised to get stronger with India’s Act East Policy and primacy being given to maritime diplomacy in addressing India’s national interests. Thus the city will be part of the critical global maritime discussions and debates.

On the other hand the Government of the coastal state of Andhra Pradesh is pursuing a coast led economic development agenda and is set to realise the full potential of its coastline of 974 kms. It is focussing on development of ports and its hinterland, shipping, coastal tourism, fisheries and aquaculture, energy, biotechnology etc in the context of Blue Economy. It has incorporated in its Port Policy the central governments vision of both ‘Act East Policy’ and ‘Sagarmala’.

In such a scenario, wherein the city and the state of Andhra Pradesh are in the midst of momentous developments, the Visakhaptnam Chapter assumes great importance. The role and charter of the Visakhapatnam Chapter are synonymous with the vision and mission of NMF and will undertake such activities to promote maritime awareness and thinking. Within the broad framework of the objectives of the Foundation, the Visakhapatnam Chapter focuses on the following aspects of interest to the maritime fraternity:

1) Geopolitics & International Relations.
2) Area Studies on various sub-regions of Indo-Pacific Region
3) Maritime Strategy and Policy
4) Maritime Technology
5) Maritime Industry & Commerce
6) Ocean Economy/ Blue Economy
7) Maritime History & Heritage
8) Human Resource

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